Maina Chhetri

Maina Chhetri


About Me

Hailing from the remote village of Kavre district in Nepal, where lengthy daily walks were the norm, I embarked on my professional journey in Kathmandu at a tender age. Balancing morning classes with a role as a primary school teacher, I persevered in my studies, eventually graduating in Science and securing a position as an accountant at a prestigious construction company in the city.

Navigating life’s peaks and valleys, I made the bold decision to depart from my corporate role and follow my writing aspirations. Joining a renowned trekking company in Thamel as a content writer, I found my passion for travel ignited, prompting me to undergo tour guide training and commence leading expeditions across Nepal.

Driven by a profound love for exploration and a commitment to empowering women, I founded Eve Holidays—a trailblazing women-led adventure travel and tour company. Having confronted the obstacles of a predominantly male-centric society in Nepal, I’ve made it my mission to uplift and employ women in all possible ways.

With boundless enthusiasm, I take immense pride in showcasing Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking natural landscapes to adventurers worldwide. My ultimate satisfaction lies in the delight and contentment of our valued clientele, and I am dedicated to continually enhancing our services to exceed their expectations. How may I be of assistance to you today?