Toilets, Shower and Laundry facilities during Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking in the remote Himalayas is different from traveling in the cities. We use best available lodges and guesthouses during our Everest Base Camp Trek. While on adventure in the remote, it is better that you keep your expectations lower and enjoy every moment as each different experience means a new memorable story in your life. Do not expect the same bathroom and toilet facilities that you have back home.


The accommodation in lower altitudes will have attached toilets and you can have western style Commodes as well, while you may not find the same higher you go. You will find squat toilets in most of the accommodation above 4000 meters. Using a squat toilet can be a completely different experience for you in which you need to sit in a squat position. These toilets will have bucket of water and mug for manual flushing and washing. You can use the bucket water to flush the toilet before using it and then after you finish. You might not be comfortable washing with water, so we suggest packing toilet papers, wipes, quick dry towels and sanitizers in your packing list for trekking. Before going to use a squat toilet, be careful to empty your pant pockets of things such as key, purse, mobile phone etc. because

Laundry Service

During Everest Base Camp Trek, laundry service will be available only at Namche Bazar where you can find wash houses. Up higher, you won’t find laundry service. You can wash some of your small gears in the sinks in tea houses but remember that water will be freezing cold. So we suggest carrying enough trekking gears according to the packing list we provide you.

Shower Facility

Shower facilities are available in every guest house in the Everest Trekking route. Depending upon the availability, we provide best lodges and guesthouses that has hot showers available. Above Namche (3,450 meters) you might have to pay for hot shower.  Above 4000 meters there is no proper electricity and showers are heated by gas, that has to be carried all the way up. When the lodges and guesthouses are full in the peak season, you may have to wash your hands and legs with tap water which you might find freezing cold sometimes. We don’t recommend you shower daily as it increases the chance of catching cold. So better to use wet wipes and get refreshed.

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